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4 Down Skateboarding
Part Reviews


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Here you will find reviews on todays hottest parts


4down - My only experience with current trucks is that with Phantoms.Now let me say,they are mighty fine trucks.The only regret I have is that they come with built on risers,which are very small.If you add your own risers,they are to high,and without they are to low.I prefere them without extra risers.

StreetKing - I use Destructo. They are a light, durable ruck that grind on everything but cracked curbs. They have a no slip axle and are very nice. However, if you are looking for the absolute best you need Tensor. They are the shit. The best. Totally unmatched on the market. They are also expensive at nearly $44 a pair. But if you got the cash pick up Tensor or get em with a Complete.


4down - First off, let me say that Speed Demons or Luckys are not something that I recommend.Speed Demons lock up and Lucky's use the C-clips,which fall out and make the bearings worthless. I have just gotten a set of Independent Built For Speed bearings,and let me say,they are built for speed.The first time I got on the board, I fell because the board slipped out from under me.I am going to have to relearn all my tricks because these are some "Diabolically fast bearings",if the term wants to be used correctly.

StreetKing - I find the fastest bearings to be Quickies and Lucky. They are both very quick and I highly recommend purchasing an ABEC 7 set. Despite the C-clip design of Lucky they do last quite a while and will not die as easily as one may think. Quickies last a substantial amount of time but are a little noisy.


4down - Status. Status is the best company of boards I have ever used. They are very strong and durable.And they have this black layer of ply wood that simply will not break.I have had my old status board for about 4-5 months,and through all the beatings it has recievied,being it taking a hard nose dive or ran over by a bike,its only chiped a VERY little bit on the tail.If you need a suggestion of a deck, I say Status.And better yet,they are part of a company with Phantom trucks.What a deal.

StreetKing - A deck is about preference. For vert definitley Birdhouse. But on street there are a few choices. Enjoi is a strong deck with pop that lasts even when chipped and tattered when most decks are obsolete. The only flaw I could find was it chips like hell if it lands on the nose or tail. Don't let it do that and you've got an awesome deck. Habitat and Alien Workshop are built very similar and both last a long time. It takes nearly a month and a half of bad razortail on them before you will suffer your first chip. Even with nose and tail dives. I personally like dNA the best out of everything though. They have 2 cross plies for an ensured no deck break on boardslides and huge pop. If you can find one, I say definitley pick one up. They are also from the same company as Status, Phantom, and FKD... Syndrome Distribution.

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