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4 Down Skateboarding
Trick Tips

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Comments - Pads will cripple your legs in a way. You just dont have the ability to jump as high or move your legs right. I got mad at knee pads after i used them for five minutes and I was trying to boardslide but I figured it was better to get hurt a little than not ever being able to do the trick. If you are to wear pads then you should only wear an ankle guard or shin guards because your shins WILL get busted up when you mess up.

Uhh trevor, this is ben...I just plastered my leg and arm into limpness because of a rock that i didnt see while setting a lil record for myslef,that being a 60 foot manual.I can touch my knee cap and put my finger on my elbow bone.But its all good, and the scars will make for good party talk.


The Ollie (Street)
How To - The ollie is very simple but will take time to perfect. First, slam the tail on the ground so that it bounces the board in to the air. This is the critical point. Lift your back foot so the board can rise. At the same time slide your front foot all the way to the nose until your leg is fully extened. This will level the board out and add extra height to your jump. Now bring your back foot back to prep for landing. It's that simple.

Comments - This may take a while to get right. When you get frustrated calm down and go back to using technique. Don't try to do it lightning fast or you will get no height what-so-ever. Make sure you get a good strong pop. It is critical your front foot levels the board out. If you have rocket ollies now, you will have things like rocket kickflips later. To get even more height, jump as high as you can and suck your knees up to your chest. This will add signifcant height to your ollie. This trick will take a good 2 weeks at least before you get decent height while moving.

The Ollie (Over Stuff)
Do the exact same stuff as the ollie but make absolutely sure to suck your knees up or you will have a rough landing or your back wheels will catch on the object.

Comments - Start with small stuff and progress gradually to decks and other objects. Try to start with square stuff so if you do land on it you won't eat too much dust. I found this out the hard way.
This is actually easier than it looks. It is hard to ollie as high as you can without an obstacle to do it over. Once you pop it, you'll naturally bring your feet as high as you can. I have done 3 decks and it was easy. 2 decks is the easiest and if you can't do that then you need to work on your ollie and technique. Be careful and don't fall if possible.

The Ollie (Down Stuff)
This is very similar to the street ollie. Follow the instructions of the street ollie but don't jump as high. Ollie as if you were going over a crack. You don't want mega height going off of something. Wait until the last second to jump and roll at moderate to fast speed. As you land let your knees buckle to absorb the shock. Stand up slowly and ride off. Be sure to land right above the trucks for an easy landing.

Comments - Don't try huge stuff at first. Start with a curb and be sure to jump with the board. Otherwise you will land on the tail and most likely fall hard. Be comfortable with your street ollie before trying this.

The Ollie (Vert)
As you start up the pipe, crouch and as you go towards the vert part pump you legs. As you begin to stand, pop the board on the very tip for the best height. This will give you huge air and time to pull your tricks. Land the same way as the others and prepare for another jump.

Comments - This will be very, very difficult at first. Wear some pads because you WILL fall. It is the same with dropping in. Also try to throw in a 180 with everything so you don't have to land switch. Take your time and don't get to frustrated.

The Ollie (Kicker)
How To - Get very good speed for this or you will just lift the nose and it will roll right back down the kicker. As soon as your front wheels get to the top pop and hop. The front foot drag is essential or you will land rocket. It doesn't take long to perfect. At a park you will have it in a day.

Comments - Speed is everything. Be comfortable with your street ollies and don't get frustrated.

Once you have the ollie variations down, you can try some of these harder tricks:

The kickflip is basically like a plane doing a barrel roll, but with a skateboard. The board makes one full rotation, and you plant you feet when you see grip tape. Don't try to land these at first. Just try to get the rotation right by following these tips: This is like an ollie, but in order to make the board spin, plant your forefoot a bit towards the heelside of your board. During the ollie slide flick your toe. The last place it should touch the board is the concave. Don't kick your foot. Keep it there as if you were trying to catch a Casper.

Comments - Rather than trying to kick the board flick your toe and extend your leg at a diagonal angle. This will keep your foot from hindering the boards rotation. Also, to avoid the board being thrown, put your weight on the balls of your feet and as you pop the board pull your back foot away from the board. This will keep it spinning with you, not away from you. In the whole motion your body should perform somewhat of a flare. Sucking your legs up is useful but not a necesity. Do not lean back at all costs!!! You will never get thius if you don't work at it all the time. You can't decide to take a week off from it.

The heelflip is like the kickflip, but the board rotates in the opposite direction: towards your toes. To execute, place your toes right on the rail (edge) of the toe side of the board. Pop your tail and kick your foot toward your toes in a rolling motion. The kick should cause your heel to knock the board in to a spin. Stay over your board and move your feet back over it and when you see the grip tape, stomp the board.

Comments - This takes a little more time to perfect than the kickflip, because you have less co-ordination with your heel. Kick down somewhat. This will keep the baord from flying up and knocking you credit card. It will also flip the right amount of rotation. Be sure to lift your foot so you don't stop the spin of the board.

FS Pop Shove It

This is a really easy one. All this is is a flat 180 with the board. All you need to do for a FS (Heelside) is put your ollie foot a little to the heel edge of your tail. Pop and jump backwards slightly so you stay over the board. It's that easy.

Comments - Lean over it and make sure you don't use too much power.

FS Shove It
This is exactly like the Pop Shove It but without the pop. Position like you were to ollie but don't pop. With your back foot push to your toeside and with your front foot push to your heelside. This will rotate the board. Don't push too hard and jump back a little.

360 Shove It

This is like the previous two Shove Its but this time the board rotates 360 degrees.

Comments - The 360 Shove It is much harder than the previous two, as it requires more power, and more air. The board will frequently launch out from under you, but keep trying.

Powerslide - This is one of the funnest tricks ever. I can do them for hours and still have fun. As your are going sorta fast, try to do a 180 with out ollieing or popping or pivoting. Keep your feet on the trucks, push hard and rotate. Continue rolling after you complete the 180.

Comments - Try to do this trick on smooth ground or wet ground and you will slide much easier. It only takes a couple minutes to learn. Have fun with it!

Casper - This is really quick trick to learn if you have quick feet and are coordinated. Set your feet up with your heel on the toe-side of the tail and your front toes on the heel side right before the bolts. Have the ball of your toes on the rail (edge) of the board. Now jump a little, not a lot, and flip your board with your front toes and jump with your back foot. DONT pop, it'll ruin the whole trick. Right when your board is flipped half way around and you see the graphics, stop your flipping foot and make sure your back foot is on the tail of the bottom of the board. Now balance so your front foot doesn't hit the ground, if it does then the trick is ruined and it is not a casper, and then when you have had enough, flip the board back over to the wheels and land on it safely. You can also do this trick using a kickflip catch method.

Nose Casper - As with Casper, there are two ways to do this. A - Be able to do a switch casper. B - Have damn quick feet. For approach A set up like a Nollie but have your front foot with the toes hanging over and your back foot should be in the center of the board with the heel hanging over the edge. Now just do a Casper and flip back. For approach B roll along at moderate speed. Have your front foot behind the front bolts. Your back foot should be in front of the back bolts. Both feet should have the heel hanging off the edge. Now push down on the edge but more so with your back foot so the board rolls on to your back foot. Meanwhile, your front foot should lift up and get on the nose of the board to slide/stall the Casper. Like I said, you'll need quick feet to pull off this one without your feet touchin the ground. Enjoy and get mad props cuz I hardly ever see anyone do this.

FS 180 Ollie - This one should be pretty quick to learn if you are capable of spinning. I recommend starting with a FS. Spin on your heelside. It is easier to rotate. To start get a little head start with your shoulders. Have them ready to rotate. Pop and spin. Not to fast or you'll throw the board. It should almost feel like your floating in the air. For the landing stomp hard and bend at the knees like you came off of a ledge. This will ensure a good landing. Be sure to land flat footed otherwise you WILL teeter and eventually fall.

Comments - This is quite quick to learn especially stationary. Just be confident and don't try to spin to fast. Be warned though. If you are doing these moving be sure to have some speed and your fakie ollie down pat. Otherwise you will have a tough time landing moving.

Varial Heelflip- This trick is actually pretty hard to land but is REALLY easy to flip. set your back toes up on the heelside of the tail and the middle of your front heel on the toe side edge a little past the midde of the board. kick your back foot as you would for a frontside shove it make your front heel flick the board down and make it flip. That's the easy part. The landing is major hard part. Just concentrate on waiting for the board to spin and flip and keep your feet out of the way and then land it. Jump as high as you can.

Comment's- This trick is really hard so just practice like with any trick and you'll get it. It's all about the flick cuz if you dont then you'll land on the board upside down.

Varial Kickflip

This is an excessively hard trick to execute. To do this, set up the same as for the v. heelflip, but set your front toes on the heelside of the board. Now pop and flick the board with your back foot like you would for s Pop Shove-It, and flick your toes on the front foot. As with the varial heelflip, bring your feet way up (by tucking your legs) and wait for the boad to finish it's spins.

Axle Stall (on a curb or ledge)- This trick is fun to do and is easy. Make sure you can ollie as high or higher than the obstacle that you are stalling on. You should also be able to do 180 ollies or if not then this will help with your spin. Ride toward the obstacle at any speed (the faster you go the harder it will be to stay on the board. And it will hurt your trucks more.) and ollie. Pop the board and move your feet so the middle of them will land on the curb or ledge. Land at about a 60 degree angle with the ledge or else you will fall forward. You can either do these backside ( when you land on the curb you will face away from it) or frontside (when you land on the curb you will be facing it). Any way you like is okay. As you stall, keep your balance and get reacy to get off the ledge. Pivot on either your tail or nose, either way is fine but I find that the nose pivot looks harder and better but the tail pivot is easier. Land and push away.

FS 50-50 Grind- The easiest grind trick. Way easier than a boardslide. First, wax up the curb or ledge or whatever. Use any kind of wax; crayons, candles, wax, anything. Start off with little curbs and then go to rails; the second easiest thing to grind. Gotoward it with a good amount of speed (so you'll grind for a little at least) and ollie up to it,pushing both of your feet towards the ledge/rail. Don't lean into it or else you won't grind. Stay right above your board and keep your feet in the middle of the board and onthe bolts. Grind until you think you're going to fall or stop and ollie off. That's hard to do but if you can't do it then just try and get your feet off with the board and land on it straight. DON'T land in rail position (on the board's side). You will break your face. I have fell on the curb like that. OUCH!! Ihave alsopressure flipped out of it on accidentally from my feet being too far over on the board. I almost got hurt then too.

Comments - Practice this trick for awhile and you'll get it. Be careful though. Rails are way easier but a little intimidating. Just do it though. Dont fall on your ass though!

Crooked Grind - This is also called crooks and K-grind (named after Koston, I think). It is a pretty easy manuever but is a little difficult to get out of. Ride toward the curb/ledge/rail at about a 20 degree angle. Put your front foot on the two middle bolts, it will make landing on the nose easier. Ollie up onto it with your nose and lift your tail off the ground and point it so your board is crooked, hence the name. Don't lean forward too much or you won't go anywhere. Just ride it out. Pivot off and you can ride away fakie.

Nosestall - This is a really easy one. Head at a staright ledge/curb/whatever and ollie. Have your foot on the bolts and slide up to the nose. Slam it to the curb and bend at the knees but s=don't lean over to balance too far. Now it's decision time. You can keep your back foot crunched to do a regular Nosestall or you can lift your back foot up and do a one-footed Nosestall I personally think one-footeds are easier to balance but it's up to how you feel comfortable.

Comments - I learned this in 5 minutes. Really simple to learn and it looks good. Don't do this where there is coping though or you will kill your groin.

Noseslide- This is a real fun trick to do. It makes you look good but that's not what skating is about... It's about fun. MAke sure you can do ollie nose manuals or good ollie to nose stalls first. OK now come up to the rail or metal edged curb/ledge/box. I cna only do then on the boxes ar parks and my rail. And i can only do them FS so that's how I'm going to describe it. Okay ride up to the thing at a good speed so you can actually slide for some distance. Now If your FS then do a BS ollie 90 and push your foot to the nose and make sure it has control and keep it on then nose and lock in. Locking in is ppushing your trucks all the way to the rail or ledge. lean back a little cuz if you dont then you will push the other way and stop sliding. As you slow down quickly get your nose off by pivoting and landing fakie or switch and stay cool knowing you're on your way to sponsorship.

Comments- Fun fun trick yet dangerous if you miss it. But no pain no gain. Gotta take risks in skating... Skate hard. Don't you dare pivot up onto the ledge... I will walk over to you and beat you with my board like in the movie Kids. Then I will do a nose stall on your face.

Rail Stand (Heel and toe side) - Major freestyle trick. Ok I dont think anyone else but me on this site can do toe sides. ALthough it is a fairly easy trick. This IS NOT CALLED A PRIMO. It is a stand on the rail which is the edge of the board. OK now first for heel sides. Set up like a Casper. Now push your front toe and jump sort of. Land with your balls of your feet on the wheels. balance and concentrate. Flip it back and land straight.
Now toe side, much harder but not by much. put your balls of your feet on the toe rail and right above the wheels. Now push down on the toe side and concentrate on landing on the wheels and flip it back.