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4 Down Skateboarding

The 4 Down Team is...

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Age- 13
E-mail -
Hometown - Saginaw, Michigan
Staffname- 4down
deck- Habitat 7.5 x 31
Trucks- Phantom 7.5
Tricks- shuvit,360 shuvit,nollie 360 shuvit ,bigspin,castellarial,swith castellarial,casper,fs 180,axle stall,heelflip,5050 grind,shuvit to axle stall,shuvit to 5050,5-0,boardslide,smith grind,noseslide,bluntstall ,nosestall,5-0 to 5050,half cab,half cab 5050,5050 nollie shuvit out,fakie 5050,fs and bs 180, fakie bs 180, nollie fs and bs 180, 180 to fs 5050 ,ollie 3 decks, ollie 2 stairs, 5050 nollie fs shuvit out

Age - 12
E-mail -
Hometown - El Paso, TX
Staff Name - GCnight
Stance - Regular
Deck - Black Label Speyer 7.5
Trucks - Tensor
Tricks - Ollie, Kickflip, Varial kickflip, Heelflip, Sex Change, Shuv-it, 360-shuvit, pressure flip, kickflip a deck, nollie hardlip, big spin, F/S tail slide, B/S K-grind, 5-0, Pressure flip 50-50, Axle Stall, Rail Stand, All Flip Tricks Fakie, Crooks Stall, Helipop, Stair Ollies, Acid Drop

Trevor Jo.
Age - 13
Staff name - Trev302
Stance - Goofy
Deck - Enjoi
Trucks - Tensor
Tricks - kickflip,varial flips,360flip,switch fs pop shuvit,nollie fs pop shuvit,switch fs 180,nollie fs 180,fs pop shuv-it,bs pop shuv-it, fs 180, bs 180, half cabs, half cab flips, 50-50, noseslide, 5-0,underflip heelflip

Trevor Ja.
Hometown - Saginaw Mi.
Age - 14
E-mail -
Staff Name - StreetKing
Stance - Goofy
Deck - Habitat Tim O'Connor Terratone 3 7.69 x 31
Trucks - Destructo 7.75
Tricks - I'm not gonna say all the really easy stuff. Fakie Ollie, Nollie, Nollie BS FS Shuvit, Nollie BS 360 Shuv-it, FS BS Pop Shove-it, FS BS Shove-it, Fakie FS BS Shove-it, Kastalerrial, Nollie Kastalerrial, FS BS 180, FS BS Halfcab, Mute Grab FS 180, Nosegrab FS 180, Boneless 180, No Comply, Mute Grab, Indy, Nosegrab, Stalemasty, Melon, Casper Slide, Anti-Casper, Casper to Rail Stand, BS FS Rail Stand, Truckstand, FS BS Boardslide, Fakie BS Lipslide, FS 50-50, FS Salad Grind, FS 5-0, Bluntstall, Kickflip, Heelflip, Varial Flip, Fakie Kickflip, Fakie Heelflip, Fakie Varial Flip, Ollie 5 Set, Ollie 3 Decks, Mute Grab 2 Decks, Mute Grab 4 Set, Ollie 4ft. Drop

Name - Hiroki
Hometown - Midland,MI
Age - 13
Staff name - Pina Colada
Stance - goofy
Deck - World Industries Dead Willy 7.63 x 31.38
Tricks - ollie,nollie, kickflip, heelflip, varial flip sometimes, 180 front and backside, shuvit, popshuvit, casper flip 1 out of 6 times, castelarial, fs shuvit, 360 shuvit, fs 50-50 grind, front and backside boardslide, crooked, salad, 50-50 stall a 2 foot ledge and 180 out, nosestall, tailstall, kickflip to nosestall,indy,nosegrab

Name - Max
Hometown - Flushing,Mi
Age - 13
Staff Name - Lunar Kamel
Stance - regular
Deck - Aesthetics Bling Bling 7.88x31.25
Tricks - kikflip,heelflip, b/s f/s 180,varial,fakie varial, almost backside flip,ollie over 4 decks,nose stall,axle stall,bluntstall,boneless fingerflip,5050,boardslide,5-0

Name - Mike
Location - New Haven,connecticut
Age - 13
Staff name - Shaver
Stance - Regular
Deck - Flambo World industries 9 ply
Tricks - kick flip, heel flip,fastplant, pop shovit, rock and roll, tail stall, one footed nollie shovit, bs 180, fs 180, 50-50, 5-0, boardslide, axal stall, manuall, nose manuall, power slide, Casper, Acid drop, Ollie North, No Comply, Acid drop off of almost everything

E-Mail -
Location- Saginaw
Staff Name-Charlie Batch
Deck-AWS INto the light 7.5 X 30.75
Tricks- everything you can think of... some of the more difficult ones would be... halfcab heel and kickflips, bs flip, 360 flip sometimes, bigspin, kickflip in my socks, switch fs 180 and shove it, kickflip a deck, pop shoveit over 2 decks, ollie and kickflip and half cab and pop shoveit this big 3 set by my house, switch and nollie kick and heelflip sometimes, tailslide, switch boardslide, fs smith, fs lipslide... i wanna keep it short so there ya go.